Thursday, January 24, 2019

Writing From Your Soul

People says that writing is easy, interesting as well. And I do agree. It is interesting and a kinda of soul therapy. But for some people, writing is a very hard work to be done. But how ever, especially for blogger, writing and expressing her/his mind into article is a must! 

Writing is related to the content/entry for his/her blog. Means, they have to write if wanna have an active blog. Writing is a must, if they wanna have the page rank increased!

But, it won't be easy any more when we face the 'writing block'. The ideas disappeared, nothing left to write. So what to do then? While the blog entry is waiting. :(

#1: United Nation Scammer, Be Aware!

Good morning, Readers!
Hope that everything is running well and you are enriched with a very positive spirit over there! 
Well, this morning, I received a very nice scam letter from the General Secretary of United Nation. Oops! How can the General Secretary of United Nation scammed you, Alaika? That's the point? That's weird, isn't it? 

Well, hold on! Of course my mind running to the scammers action, that are well-known in the cyber world. I believe that this email is not coming from the General Secretary, but absolutely from a scammer! Curious about the email? Let's go through it, here!

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