Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let's Shop at Lamido Indonesia

It was early morning when I got a call from my brother, asked me to help him shopping a gift for her wife whose birthday next week. Actually, he is a good husband of course, always arranges the birthday gift by himself, but unfortunately, he was traveling on his mission to the rural areas in some of districts in Kalimantan, so that he was not able to buy the gift as well as arranging the gift delivery. 

Helping him arranging the birthday gift, of course won’t be a big deal for me. I am sure that it won’t take lots of my time. Since the internet is exploded, and thousands of merchants put their stuff online for shoppers to view and shop from wherever they want, then the online shopping is being a new culture for people to cut off their busy schedule. By just touching the screen or clicking a mouse, shoppers can buy any product online, but, however, shoppers must be smart in determining the trusted online stores, because the same things can go wrong shopping online as in the real world. Sometimes it is simply a case of a computer glitch or poor customer service. Other times, shoppers are cheated by clever scam artist. So, be aware!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Writing From Your Soul

People says that writing is easy, interesting as well. And I do agree. It is interesting and a kinda of soul therapy. But for some people, writing is a very hard work to be done. But how ever, especially for blogger, writing and expressing her/his mind into article is a must! 

Writing is related to the content/entry for his/her blog. Means, they have to write if wanna have an active blog. Writing is a must, if they wanna have the page rank increased!

But, it won't be easy any more when we face the 'writing block'. The ideas disappeared, nothing left to write. So what to do then? While the blog entry is waiting. :(

Monday, September 16, 2013

When I Can't Sleep

No! It isn't a song! Lol. Am not singing or creating a song. When I can't Sleep, is my real situation when writing this article. Yea, I don't know what's up with me. It's very difficult for me to sleep early these days. Yea, actually, sleeping early [at about 9 - 10 pm] is not my habit. Usually, I go to bed around 11 - 12 pm. :D

But now, it getting worse. And put me in difficulties, actually. I need rest, and we knew that good rest, specially at night time, is come from sleep, right? Then what should I do to become fall a sleep? Googling and browsing, then I got this information, and I will try. It says like this;

Monday, February 18, 2013

Parcel is put on Hold!

Dear readers, is any of you received an email from a courier company and said that the parcel addressed to you is put on hold, and requested you to send some money to release the parcel?  :D
I did. And believe me, this email was not coming from the real courier agency, but from the scammer links. 

Oops! How can I get in touch with the scammer? Haha. Ok, let me tell you the chronologist of this story. Actually, I was doing a research through internet, for my new novel. The theme is about the relationship between a scammer who finally falling in love to the lady he scammed. And how to get the scammer to research? How to know that they are scammers? It is easy.