Monday, May 21, 2012

Be Romantic in a Lingerie

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Actually this article is planned to post on valentine day but then another business turned me over and just saved this article in my directory.

Well, lets me share you this. It is based on a conversation between me and my net friend whereas this friendship builds two years ago. A friend of mine buzzed me when I am seriously writing an article for my blog. He is very confused in deciding what gift should give to her lovely wife. For me it is a bit strange because as western, celebrating valentine day is very common and husband gave special gift to wife at this moment. It is very common in western way. Therefore it is strange. Why should he be confused?

Well then, my responds is exploring what kind of gift given in the prior valentine celebration.. and one of the list she mentioned, nothing romantic gift except one white rose or red rose. Hm….
The gift need to modify then…., of course, women love flower especially rose very much, but if every special event they got only rose/flower, you have to ensure yourself that it will be saturated someday. Yup, you have to modify it. Then what should I give?

Well visitors,

I am sure that you all love to see a woman in lingerie, aren’t you? And absolutely, mostly lingerie successfully converts a woman to become sexier. But ladies, be noticed in selecting your lingerie’s. Try more and more to find one that really match to your appearance to attract your spouse. 

Lingerie’s are designed to create a woman looks sexier. Making love will be more warm and romantic when the lingerie is fit to the lady. There are lots of lingerie’s available in the market place. What you need is just chose the best one that fit into your spouse’s body and style. Confused to select? No worries, usually lingerie’s story trained their customer service how to help customer choosing the suitable lingerie’s. The most important thing you need to know is well known your spouse body shape so that you can easily tell it to the store customer service to help you choosing the gift.

Lots of lingerie’s type available in the market place such as you can see in the pictures below.

All you need to do is again, well known your spouse body shape, consult it to the customer service of the store, choose the best color that you love, wrap it in a very nice package, equipped with some love and romantic words in a nice card.

Happy romantic day my friends!!!


  1. great idea, thx alaika


  2. thanks for the inspiring article. Good advise.


  3. cool advise Alaika! Thanks.


  4. a great way to actualize our self :) mostly for a woman :)

  5. Oh my goodness! A dream come true for those lucky sweethearts! You did a marvelous job.♥♫

  6. yes, every women must be loves this. Sometimes lingerie kinda romantic yet kinky as well *oops :)