Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Earning money from writing and review? YES YOU CAN!

Visitors, Writing and blogging is like the side of coins. For you who love writing and familiar to share your idea, thought and opinion on blogging, I am sure that you are aware that this hobby is able to support you earning money as well. Yes it is. Lots of programs in the internet are available to support us earning the money, such as pay to click, pay per click, paid to review, and much more. Especially for the program called paid to review, whereas we will be paid for the article we post on our blog as blog advertising. This program is really match for those who love writing a lot. So… why just writing if we know that we also can earn money from this writing hobby? Yup… let’s start earning money from our blog. HOW?

This is also my first question at the first time I found this info. But then I just go to the search engine such Google or yahoo directory and got lots of information regarding to the ‘how to earn money from your blog’. One of the paragraphs there explained that it is easy to start earning money from your blog, especially from paid to review program. The things you have to ensure are that your blogs has good page rank, minimal 2, good alexa, and ensure that your blog is in English even though some broker is accepted the blog in Indonesia Language. Hm… sounds a bit difficult for me as my blog is still on the PR 0 and 1. But why not just try? We won’t know we failed if we did not try, right? I did some registration on PTR broker such as Blogsvertise, SponsoredReview, Smorty, ReviewMe and others. Some brokers rejected my blogs but some others accepted. Of course I am very happy. But I have to wait for a long time to have my first job offer to review. I did not give up. What I do is keep posting, maintain and manage my blog, increase the page rank until one day I got an offer to review a product. Horray!!! And being happier when this post is approved by admin.

Next day, I was Google-ing to find out how to get more jobs to review, and I found this interesting broker which is recommended by most of bloggers because of its easy and fun paid to review programs. And my impression for this broker? YUP. As what other bloggers comments, I also proved that sign up to this broker and reserved the opportunities there are very fun and challenged! You should try to have fun and earn money from it. YES, Why not to start now? It will not be difficult if we committed to keep learning and manage our sites.

Interested? Don't wait any longer, just join us here...,


  1. Wah pake enggres semua hihi.
    Itu dibayarnya berapa mbak per review?

  2. @Untje: hehe... iya blog ini memang berbahasa Inggris Na.... ,
    hm.. per reviewnya berapa ya? lupa habis udh lama banget sih...

  3. yup mba... harus tetap semangat donk...

  4. aduh bahasa inggris I>.<I angkat tangan

  5. This blog especially for English version? Hemm, will be great achievement in English. Moreover your skill already advance, isn't sist? I really desire but no enough courage yet to create a blog just in English writting.

  6. hmm 'gerbong' ini tampaknya udah mulai bergerak, hi hi hi...
    sukses buatmu ya De...


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