Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to My Corner

Room picture from here added with Alaika's pict and text.

Dear Mates,

Having this virtual place to share, learn and care each other is really-really a dream comes true for me! A dream that always motivated me to keep creative in writing, expressing my idea on paper (ups, no more paper since computer era take control the writing activities). J A dream that kept me surfing and learn in how to create a blog, as my corner to express and practice more this writing hobby.

And here it is. This dream comes true. Beside of my 5 Indonesian Language blogs, now I have the English version one! Horray!! Yea, having an English site, I wish will be able to facilitate me to have more networks, friends and partnership with you, people around the world. I believe, the more friends we have, the more networks developed, life will be more precious, right? J

But, as a newbie, of course I am far from having enough knowledge on blogging, posting, template, html and other related issues, but my big dream drove me to be brave on this start. Therefore my great gratitude is expressed for my entire blog-net teachers who are patiently briefed and taught me the knowledge. They are my virtual teacher that I just buzz them when seeing they are online, then connected each other with a proposal from me J to be briefed and guided. 

To Kang Rohman, thanks a lot for your KOLOM TUTURIAL, and your other blogs. They are really there when I needed. To my special virtual teacher who I found when I am in a big confusion (and event I don’t know his name yet J), I just kidnapped him when he was online on his yahoo messenger, to help me solving my confusion because some system on my blog was not working properly. To you J mas sjboy?? Thanks a lot yach!!

Many other gratitude also need to be submit to my other teacher such as Anne Ahira with her asianbrain.com, Joko Susilo, Fatih Syuhud, and any other 'master' whom I can’t mention one by one..

Finally, let me welcome you on this corner, enjoy your reading and visiting, hopefully the info-s providing here are useful for us. Please feel free to leave your input and comment.



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