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30 illegal fishing boats sank by the Indonesian Government

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It's been a very long time for me to let this blog stagnant. No entry, no update, even no visitors. Haha. Pure you, the corner to share! I am so sorry for leaving you lonely for such a long time. 

Well, as today I have a task from my supervisor to search about the sinks process for the 30 illegal fishing boats that implemented yesterday, 22 Feb 2016 by the Indonesian government, so I will also put the summary, here, as an update for the blog and also as a note.

Yeah, since we have the new Maritime and Fisheries, Ibu Susi Pudjianto, we achieved lots of progress on the fisheries sector. Indonesian have a new power and starting to be consistent to implement the regulation regarding the illegal fishing. I love it! 

Btw, here is the summaries I made, after googling, reading articles that released the information regarding the 'Indonesian Government sank 30 illegal fishing local and foreign boats – 22 Feb 2016.'

The Indonesian Govt, through its Satgas 115 [the Task Force on Illegal Fishing] that lead by the minister of Maritime and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, has sank 30 illegal fishing boats on 22 February 2016. 

Sumber dari sini
These local and foreign boats [7 from Philippines, 4 from Indonesia, 11 from Vietnam and 8 from Malaysia] were sank in five different locations which are : 

1. Pontianak – West Kalimantan : 8 Vietnam boats 
2. Bitung, North Sulawesi : 6 Philippines boats, 4 Indonesian 
3. Batam, Riau islands : 7 Malaysian boats, 3 Vietnam boats 
4. Tahuna,, North Sulawesi : 1 Phillipines 
5. Belawan, North Sumatera : 1 Malaysian boat 

The implementation process was lead by the minister [Susi Pudjianto] as also the chief of the task force, through live streaming from her office, Jakarta. The detonation was conducted simultaneously on Monday, 22 February 2016 at 10.00 am Indonesian time. 

The sank process of these boats were successfully conducted by the fully support and intensive cooperation between the Maritime and Fisheries Ministry, the Indonesian Navy, Police of Republic of Indonesia, Badan Keamanan Laut Republic of Indonesia (Maritime Security Agency of Republic of Indonesia), Attorney General's Office, and others related institution. 

This is the first sank implementation process in 2016, and so far, there were amounting 151 boats have been sank since Oktober 2014. 

The boats were from: 

1. 50 boats from Vietnam 
2. 43 boats from Phillipines 
3. 21 boats from Thailand 
4. 20 boats from Malaysia 
5. 2 boats from Papua New Guinea 
6. 1 boat from Tiongkok/China 
7. 14 local boats [Indonesia] 

The sinks process is based on the regulation of Act 76A UU No. 45/2009 regarding the revision of the regulation UU No. 31/2004 regarding the Fishery, which stated that the Objects and/or tools used in and/or resulting from a the crime of fisheries can be seized for the state fisheries or destroyed after obtaining the approval of the Chairman of the District Court.

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Al, 23 February 2016


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